Rural Health Outreach Program

The Rural Health Outreach Program (RHOP) provides community based services designed to “accomplish the vision of comprehensive, accessible, and affordable health care for residents in central Virginia”. Outreach staff work with local residents to circumvent barriers such as low income, lack of transportation, cultural and language differences, and misinformation and lack of knowledge to provide access to health and human service resources that will improve lives.

Rural Health Outreach Program Mobile Unit

Health Depots—community clinics at 7 – 10 local sites offering basic screening services, prevention education, assistance in the development of individual health promotion goals, consultation regarding minor illnesses and injuries, interim chronic illness management, immunizations, etc.

Home visits—provide Health Depot services for people not able to access the community clinics and to provide in-home assessments of health needs.

Referrals—to area resources for health care and health promotion through care coordination. Includes outreach to provide education about the availability of Medicaid, Virginia’s children’s health insurance programs, and resources for applications for the new Marketplace options for health insurance.

Latino Health Services—special services for migrant and seasonal farm workers and other Latino immigrants including medical interpretation, facilitation of access to services, community health promoter education program, and Health Depot services.

Health Education and Support Groups—provision of educational series or ongoing support groups including such subjects as diabetes, weight/nutrition management, medication management.

RHOP services are free of charge and funded entirely through grants and donations.