Primary Care

Family Practice is the medical specialty concerned with comprehensive health care for the individual and the entire family. Family Practice doctors at BRMC take care of managing all of your health care needs, whether you are well or ill. With an emphasis on long-term continuing care and prevention, we are here to serve you and your entire family; from infants and school-age children to young adults, adults, and seniors.


Blue Ridge Medical Center offers full service Pediatric care with 2 Pediatricians and several Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who provide care for children from birth through adulthood. In addition to routine care for illnesses, injuries, and concerns, children require regular visits to assess their growth and development and to ensure that they are progressing as expected. Although the schools only require immunizations at certain ages, your child is best served by regular updates of immunizations so that there are not too many required at any visit. Our Pediatric staff is familiar with the various stages your child (and your family) will go through as your child grows and changes. You can be better prepared for the changes in your child’s diet, behavior, and growth as well as being able to handle these changes more appropriately if we discuss these issues before they occur. This is done by regular well child visits and discussions with our staff. We can help you and your child have a pleasant, safe, and productive childhood. Please call to arrange a visit to establish care or for a well child exam.

Dental Care

Family Dentistry at Blue Ridge Dental Center includes dental care for the whole family– from infants and school-age children to young adults, adults, and seniors. We are concerned with your dental health at every stage of growth and development: At the Blue Ridge Dental Center we focus on preventive care so that major dental problems can be avoided whenever possible. We provide estimates for services and can offer referrals for special services or second opinions. Please stop by the Dental Center and take a tour, meet our staff, and ask questions about Dental Care and Services.

To make an appointment, please call the Dental Center at 434-263-6310. Our hours of operation and availability to respond to phone calls of our established Dental Center patients are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. We are closed on Friday.

During off hours dental problems may be handled by a medical provider. The Dental Center is not staffed for after-hours calls.


Blue Ridge Medical Center provides on-site laboratory services through LabCorp and Quest Diagnostic Labs. Our staff are well training on phlebotomy processes and collection of a wide range of laboratory specimens. Lab services are available to not only Blue Ridge Medical Center patients but to anyone with a physicians order who is in need of laboratory services. Please call our main number to inquire about laboratory appointments.


Blue Ridge Medical Center provides on-site x-ray services with preliminary readings performed by a member of our provider staff and a final reading performed by a Radiologist at the University of Virginia (UVA) Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our staff are well training on x-ray techniques and safety. X-ray services are available not only to Blue Ridge Medical Center patients but to anyone with a physicians order who is in need of x-ray services (non-patients will have their x-rays reviewed by the Radiologist at UVA only). Please call our main number to inquire about x-ray appointments.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) helps people in many ways, but the overall goal is to help people return to activities with less pain and greater ease. For example, therapy helps people regain skills after joint replacements, torn muscles, neck or back surgeries. Many people have pain from over use of muscles or strains from falls. Appointments are made directly with Janet Ngai, and sessions are one on one with an emphasis on education and guidance for work at home. Therapy is covered by most insurance companies. Janet is able to see patients with or without a referral from a doctor. She accepts all insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Don’t let problems linger – ask about therapy at your next appointment!

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Team works as an integral part of care here at BRMC. Our Behavioral Health Team, made up of Psychiatrists, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and behavioral health nurses, can help you with Evaluation/Counseling, Disease Management, and Medication Evaluation/Management. Like other treatments your doctor may suggest, counseling is a tool to help support your health and well being. Counseling helps identify strengths, coping skills, and barriers to your health goals. Ask your provider at your next appointment or call your provider to discuss your options. In addition, you can call and ask to speak to our Behavioral Health Team directly. We would be happy to discuss our services and schedule an appointment.


Our pharmacy (Blue Ridge Medical Center Pharmacy, BRMCP) was opened in September 2001 by the original Pharmacy Director, Neil Rothemich and one pharmacy technician. What began as a small pharmacy in an old storeroom, using donated fixtures, limited hours and resources has morphed into a fully functioning community pharmacy. Our current space is 2,905 sqft including lobby area and OTC products.

We are able to help patients within our community who utilize the center for their primary care medical needs by participating in a 340B medication program administered by HRSA. This program allows us to purchase medications at a significantly reduced rate and gives our patients the opportunity to pay based on income using the Sliding Fee Scale program. BRMCP also accepts prescriptions from outside prescribers and all insurances.

Blue Ridge Medical Center Pharmacy uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce medication errors. Our pharmacy software allows staff to process prescriptions using barcode technology to ensure the correct prescription is filled using the correct medication. Other technology includes an IVR system that our patients can use to call in prescription numbers for automatic filling.